UCG will help grow your online presence, expand your business, increase revenue and sales through SEO and other digital marketing strategies. UCG specializes in SEO for local and international businesses. Our team work with you in developing the most relevant keywords to target the audience based on the services you provide. UCG also provide research on best geographical and audience targeting; developing online contents and websites based on the core-set of keywords.

SEO Steps


Research main keywords using various tools, analytics and competitor analysis


Develop structure for keywords on each page.

Content Strategy

Create a schedule of content creation from a content specialists.

On-Site SEO

Optimize each page for main keyword.

Analyze Ranking and Traffic

Each new update of search engine increases traffic, SEO helps then in analyzing traffic and ranking.

Keep Improving

Search engine takes time to update links and keywords.

Link Building

Building links to home page and targeted page.

Content Marketing

Share your content in order to increase content exposure.

SEO Maintenance

We have emphasized that SEO is not a one-time certification. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and everyday search engines are crawling the Internet and adjusting SERPs to reflect updated content, new sites, and shifting dynamics in site linking and popularity.
To maintain a popular web presence, you need to regularly monitor your website and the latest trends in keyword searches you used to optimize your site. To achieve and hold a top SERP, you must stay ahead of all competitors for the keyword phrases you used in optimizing your site.

What we will do

SEO maintenance keeps your site in compliance with the practices we recommend in our Keyword Research, Website Review, and Competitive Analysis services.

What you will get

We will provide you with a detailed report that summarizes our findings and analyzes trends for your keyword phrases and how your pages’ rank against the competition. We will provide detailed recommendations for optimizing your site based off these findings.