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As worldwide technology and personal annual income have improved over the years, an increasingly amount of people can go online to communicate through electronic mail for business or leisure purposes. This increasingly wealth of information being transferred via links, networks and servers can become a cumbersome task for inefficient corporations and organisations who aspire to use this essential communication method. That is where we come, PUSHMAIL is a trustworthy highly efficient and secure mailing service designed to meet all professional requirements of any business.

Here Are Some Of Our PUSHMAIL Features:

Rich Ajax Editor

Allows you to design very attractive content in minimum time and effort.

Contact Arrangement and Management

Gives you the ability to arrange all your contacts in customised groups, allowing precise targeting ability through sending relevant content to specific groups.

Free Templates

A set of free templates is provided to you, in addition that you have the ability to design your own templates.


Offering feasibility managing your contacts list through PUSHMAIL.

FTP Manager Storage

Reduced upload time using online FTP Manager storage.

Performance Tracking

Using advanced tracking and reporting features to give you insights about viewers and campaigns, allowing you to react and refine your approach on the spot without using any other tools.

Guaranteed Delivery

Using SMTP authentication ensures that your emails will never be marked as spam.


E-Mail Marketing Shoots, it’s an effective solution designed by UCG for email marketing purposes. eMS consists of three main parts developed by UCG team, all of these parts are integrated with each other to provide this most valuable and effective service.



Fully automated UCG SMS solution provides customisable and automated opt-in, opt-out implementation; enabling auto response as well as managing subscription list with ease. Unicode support of UCG SMS ensures every character from any language or alphabet is displayed correctly. Fully featured UCG SMS portal helps in filter, sort and efficiently manage automated SMS service. API integration provides merging UCG SMS service into your solution to build SMS workflow and send SMS through trusted operator platforms.

UCG SMS advertising campaigns

UCG offers risk limited SMS services in co-operation with local and Foreign GSM service providers. Our SMS services are reliable enough and stable to handle huge network loads.
UCG offers personal and business bulk SMS packages


UCG-SMS Features/Services

  • Direct Connection
  • SS7 Connections
  • Alpha Numeric Senders
  • Random Numeric Senders
  • 2-WAY SMS
  • HLR Lookup
  • SMS Resellers
  • Dedicated IP routing
  • SMPP & Web Application
  • API
  • White Label Panel for Reseller


Smart IVR services is an auto-attendant / automated voice response system developed for businesses in managing high call volumes at a lower cost. Smart IVR can identify as well as classify callers and resolve caller queries without even transferring to a live agent. Smart IVR enable input and responses to be gathered of spoken words with voice recognition.

Smart IVR benefits in simplifying customer call management and resolution for businesses without increasing live agents or hardware.

SMART IVR provides a quick first call resolution with a smart IVR flow, minimizing customer wait time through intelligent call routing; increasing first contact resolution by 20%[avg].

SMART IVR guarantees in delivering 24*7 customer service without any time or geographical constraints.

SMART IVR provides the platform for managing/handling high call volume through intelligent IVR workflows, enabling seamless customer support businesses.

SMART IVR allows multi-level IVR call flow, guaranteeing a proper and quick resolution with multiple pre-recorded messages.

SMART IVR will handle the repeated and frequently raised customer queries with pre-recorded messages; increasing the productivity of live agents to focus on priority issues.

SMART IVR creates a fast and efficiently deliver Omni-channel customer journey for customer support and business communication platforms.

  • Ability to deploy on-premises or in cloud
  • Built customized IVR call flow
  • Integration with reporting & analytics tools
  • Multiple Speech engines supported by the system.
  • The Solution can be delivered as a package solution or completely customized with business requirements.