No need to maintain hardware and software, the investment in local software and hardware is reduced, no need for data to be synchronized with multiple devices, access is global! We provide an operational platform for virtually all type of software application and enables the delivery of software via the Internet. With Application Hosting services, you can access your applications and data from anywhere around the globe with an Internet connection.

Application Hosting

Mobile Application Hosting


Application Hosting

Smart Home - GPS - Building Management - ecommerce - Social Applications.

Cloud solutions

enabling Infrastructure as a Service [IAAS], Platform[PAAS] and Software as a Service [SAAS].


Low Maintenance

Software owners and customers doesn’t require to maintain hardware as well as software maintenances, as they are service vendor’s responsibilities including the Upgrading and maintaining of hardware environment. You will have to maintain just the internet access.


UCG Application hosting provides application solution with no hardware purchasing or maintenances, software license usability with no restriction through ‘server’, ‘site’ or ‘user’ accessibility requirements. UCG application hosting is a highly customizable environment making affordable and efficient.

Very Little Risk

UCG Application hosting uses hybrid servers, highest security features and continuous backup and application hosting environment with 99.9% uptime, delivering most trusted hosting service in the market. UCG’s long-term commitment to the customers guarantees the service proficiency.


Complete flexibility and ease to access provision for application and resources through UCG application hosting guarantees optimised and user friendly service. People can work from anywhere around the globe without any hardware requirement, with a simple internet access and user authentication.

Easy Integration

Organizations using legacy systems from varying suppliers will benefit from hosted applications because hosted applications provide an integrated solution to any system using the typical Internet browser on any operating system such as Windows PC, MAC, or Unix.


UCG Application Hosting service is maintained and supported by industry leading support solutions and trained technical staffs; enabling 24*7 online support and service trainings to encourage as well as streamline your application hosting environment to maximum efficiency.

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