UCG’s service relation with regional and international GSM service providers enables you to have SMS service for your personal as well as business needs. UCG SMS service has connectivity reach of 190+ countries, with 2-way across 52 countries. With fully controlled end-to-end messaging and highly customizable SMS service packaging, UCG SMS service provides maximum flexibility as well as service customization to suite according to the requirements.


Direct connection with
Secured ss7 connectivity

SMS connectivity

Intelligent network optimization
IP routing

HLR Lookup
database optimization

solution integration

message management
white label panel


UCG in partnership with GSM providers holds the most updated database of active GSM connections within the Middle East as well as around the globe. UCG SMS marketing campaigns can help in advancing your marketing efforts and develop new business leads with guaranteed high ROI. UCG provides SMS service portal to handle the campaign actions as well as monitor campaign performance metrics. UCG SMS service also provides event-based messaging in real-time to reduce communication barrier between your customer and you.

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Fully automated UCG SMS solution provides customizable and automated opt-in, opt-out implementation; enabling auto response as well as managing subscription list with ease. Unicode support of UCG SMS ensures every character from any language or alphabet is displayed correctly. Fully featured UCG SMS portal helps in filter, sort and efficiently manage automated SMS service. API integration provides merging UCG SMS service into your solution to build SMS workflow and send SMS through trusted operator platforms.

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