UCG delivers a locally maintained global service. Customized API integration, MIH training, Customer support, on-site assistance, payment processes and account management are some of the advantages customer acquires through MIH. As add-on services through MIH, satellite internet connectivity and International SIM services are also provided by UCG to customers who are having high mobility or connectivity to the system from anywhere in the world.


delivering low latency and guaranteed real-time information transactions.


server co-location at 28 data centers all around the world.


Terrestrial and satellite AIS real-time tracking controlled by advanced algorithms.


to web portals or websites with quality controlled service integrations and service packages


On-site/Off-site assistance and support


A static picture of the existing data and interacting with data dynamically

1. Vessel Management System

MIH offers state-of-the-art global coverage of the commercial, passenger, fishing and leisure fleets. MIH tracks more than 180,000 vessels per day, which is more than 500 million vessels positions every single day from more than 3,000 terrestrial AIS stations as well as satellite AIS receivers. Including anchorages, terminals as well as berths, MIH monitors in real-time and generates 200,000 port call events from 7,000 ports every day. Through MIH, more than 500 thousand unique users per day access the services from 233 countries and territories across the world.

Features and Tools

MIH is designed as a cross platform ‘software as a service’ solution, delivering the users with highest compatibility and usability in accessing the service through web or mobile devices. And the services within MIH gets increased or add-ons as a part of our commitment to innovation and high added value for the MIH service users.

MIH System offers:

Terrestrial and satellite AIS tracking in real-time

Historical vessel tracking, including video playback for multiple vessels

Fleet management, including fleet sharing between users in same corporation

Route and ETA as forecasted by the MIH system

Notifications and alerts delivered via email/ SMS or server-to-server

Advanced filtering of vessels

Weather data and related services

Optimal route and distance calculator

Business Directory

2. Vessels Data Services

MIH data services span all data sets which are curated by MIH and, for a vessel or a fleet of vessels, include:

Vessel positions

Journey information as reported by crew and as recorded and forecasted by MIH

Vessel data in excess of 100 fields per vessel

Vessel photos in terms of ports globally

Port calls (arrivals and departures) and, soon, berth calls

Vessels expected at port (according to AIS)

ETA to port for any vessel, irrespective of its current destination

Vessels within range to port, as requested by our user chart of its category

MIH collects vessel position data from AIS stations all around the world, which are operated by local partners. Our network of AIS stations numbers in excess of 2,500 active receivers across all continents and is currently the largest network in the world. MIH also collect data from trusted affiliated networks, lifting the effective size of our network to approx. 3,000 active stations. MIH cover the coastline of 140 countries around the world.

3. IMDG Code Services

UCG offers the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code in one complete web portal for the maritime transport of dangerous goods in packaged form, in order to enhance and harmonize the safe carriage and to prevent pollution to the environment. MIH-IMDG Portal sets out in details the requirements applicable to each individual substance, material or article, covering matters such as packing, container traffic and stowage, with particular reference to the segregation of incompatible substances.

MIH-IMDG Portal facilitates the free movement of dangerous goods by classifying them to various classes according to the main danger they present, then determine the safe transport procedures for them, like the way they need to be packed, loaded or stored within the port or stowed on board of the ship. In addition to generate & print all needed information in reports formats [PDFs].

MIH-IMDG Portal is a subscription base solution that provides enterprises with a live API to integrate with, like: ERP, CRM, as well as PCS “Ports Community system”

The update to our MIH-IMDG Portal is made systematically, and as per the International Maritime Organization (IMO) responsible for developing and maintaining regulatory frameworks for sea transport.

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